Cats are adorable!  They add 25 happiness to everyone in that office.  There are 2 cheats about cats.  If you type in "moar catz" (yes, it is spelled correctly), 50 cats will be added to your building.  This cheat is stackable so if you want to fill your building with the happiness of 1,000,000,000 cats, it is possible (you just need the time, I reccomend copying and pasting the cheat to save time)!  If you type in "catzilla", each cat will become 3x its original size!  However, this cheat, unlike the 50 cat cheat, is not stackable so do not try to make cats 3,000,000,000x their own size.  Cats come in 3 different colors, blue, black, and brown.  This page needs more pictures of better quality.  Cats are so cute and we need better vewing of it.  If you can, please do the 3x bigger cheat and edit out the background.  Thank you for contributing to this wiki!