Standard Office

The office is the basic office for all workers. Offices are also the building blocks for your building.

Office UpgradesEdit

Offices can be upgraded to increase worker efficiency. For instance: a deluxe office upgrade will increase the amount of money made every time a worker pushs the button.

First Tier Upgrades
Office Cost Effect
Deluxe Office $5,000 +$1 per Push Button
IT Office $2,500 Fix 25% faster
Janitor Office $2,500 Clean 25% faster

Second Tier Upgrades
Office Cost Effect
Advanced Office $5,000 +$2 per Push Button
Accounting Office $2,500 +10% Profit
HR Office $2,500 +10% HR productivity

Third Tier Upgrades
Office Cost Effect
Supervisor Office $2,500 +5% encouraging

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