The worker is the income producer for any Corporation Business. You need workers to earn money as they are required. They must be stationed at a desk to earn income. At the start they will start produce $1 per each hit.


The workers have a white shirt with black pants. When promoted their shirt becomes red. They are affected by the clothing cheats


When hired they must be stationed at any desk. The best place to put a worker is in Advanced Office as they will produce $3 to the Company. They are required to be in Advanced Office to be promoted all the way to the Chief of Workers who is 500% faster.


When working they should have these things:

  • A desk in any office
  • IT Tech to fix desk or lights
  • Janitor to clean up at night or the office will become messy
  • Accountant to increase income
  • HR to increase happiness
  • Supervisor to whip the workers to produce more income
  • An upgraded office to be promoted

Promotion Ranks

  • Level 1: Senior Worker
  • Level 2: Specialized Worker
  • Level 3: Chief of Workers